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Patty Pratt Productions LLC


Vision Statement

Our founder, Patty Pratt, has been making sculpture, painting, drawing, writing songs and stories and developing decor products for three decades. All of these talents are now under one umbrella Patty Pratt Productions LLC. Founded in 2012, Patty Pratt is now inspired by creating artistic solutions for broader communities in a way that leads to sustainable work for years to come particularly for disenfranchised, disabled or special needs communities and also inspires, fulfills and educates the individual along the journey. "Workability and sustainable jobs is now part of my challenging inspiration and individual communities are my blank canvas." "I provide the materials and methods needed to assemble and produce products and pioneer the markets and retailers that can sustain them." Her own artistic works which encompass many artistic fronts are largely represented here and as the company evolves, the works of other artists will be fully integrated. In an effort to provide outlets to underemployed and underrepresented communities and to bring other independent artists' works to fruition, the business is under continual expansion. Please click on the links above to navigate to the area of your choice. Welcome and thank you for visiting our new site. This site contains the foundational pages necessary to communicate our products and services. Website changes will be ongoing as we continue to grow and expand the pages, products and services.

Patty Pratt Productions LLC

? Patty Pratt 1979-2013

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