Stonewares and Porcelains are strong clay bodies which must be fired to cone 10 temperatures (2350 degrees F.) Cone 10 clays have special properties that are coveted by clay sculptors and potters. The Cone 10 Clay house will feature a gas kiln which will allow for Core 10 high temperature firings for specialized glazing  effects. Cone 10 kilns will melt other clay bodies; therefore, only Cone 10 clay will be fired. Unique colors are only possible by controlling the amount of oxygen available to the glaze while heating and cooling which is a feature of a gas kiln. If you are currently working with Stonewares and Porcelain, please inquire about our firing  Packages. If you would like to learn to sculpt in Stoneware and Porcelain, please Contact our studio to see if it's a fit for your creative expression. We also plan to have limited immersion classes in addition to access to standard studio equipment. (Wheel, Slab roller and Extruder)







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