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CD Duplication

Your songs are recorded......Now what? The CD style you choose for your music or project is personal and unique. My objective is to match your CD duplication needs with the services that fit your project and your budget. There are many standard companies that offer CD packages. Why go through PPPLLC? The answer is I do not mark up the manufacturers prices for duplication. You only pay for graphics services and additional products that you request. My goal is to empower unique expressions. Rather than having a fancy quote system for hundreds of packages, I offer three basic scenarios below so you can get an idea of what to expect. You can still get any of a hundred packages, but you won't get a mark up on a service I don't actually provide. Scenario 1: You want CD duplication for your recorded music in a simple CD case and your artwork is camera ready and in a .pdf or .ai format. This means that your CD Master is finished and you have already added all photos, graphics and text to a CD template for the jacket and disc. For 300 CDs, a finished project will be approximately $675.00. to $900.00 depending upon the color choices you make. Scenario 2: You want CD duplication for your recorded music and you need a lot of help designing and formating the graphics. And you may even want a quick audio review of your master. I will work with you to discover what your goal is for your project and suggest a package and a graphic design artist. For instance, you could choose a background photo from a photograph archive and want your own picture cut out from your own photograph and placed inn the foreground. That's fairly simple. For 300 CD's your cost for the finished project will be $900.00 to $1200.00. It's basically scenario 1 with some added graphics design charges. Scenario 3: Your music is full of lyrics that people love to hear. You want your CD to include all the lyrics of 10 songs and need help with the artwork and design. You will need a minimum of an 8 panel folder for your CD to have enough space for the words and a jewel case to hold it all. For 1000 CDs your cost will be $1875.00 to $2500.00 depending upon the extent of the graphics, the graphic designer you choose and the text formatting you need. Your CD's can be drop shipped to as many locations as you desire directly from the manufacturer. If you would like to obtain a quote or inquire about CD duplication, please send an email to patty@pattyprattproductions.com with the words "CD INQUIRY" in the subject line and tell me what you are trying to accomplish with your CD...I can suggest clever ways to get your project done with less expense upfront.

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